There is an exciting bill at the Hemlock Tavern tomorrow night, August 21. The Lonelyhearts (Feature Podcast), The Old-Fashioned Way and We is Shore Dedicated will come together after some have been on tour and some have been in the studio.

This show marks The Lonelyhearts’ return to the Bay Area (or “Yay Area” as their website fondly calls it) after a nationwide tour and a short break. The band has new material under their belt, and are waiting to release it in September on Three-Ring Records. Their self-described “living room rock” is soothing to the ears and simple in form without drifting into the mundane. As a teaser, here’s a song that will appear on the new album, but can also be found on their Four-Wheel Drive EP that was released in February:

[audio:] The Lonelyhearts – “New Virginia”

We is Shore Dedicated are working on a new album called Rabbit Noose, right off the heels of their last release Rainbo Donuts, both on Huevo Imaginary Records. Their sound is uptempo indie with some hints of tango and experimental elements like accordion and dissonant violin. The band has some mp3s to share on the label’s music page, and here’s a sample:

[audio:] We is Shore Dedicated – “Not Coming Home” from Rainbo Donuts

No recent news about what The Old-Fashioned Way has been up to since about February, but they always put on a good show. It’s definitely a worth-while show. It starts at 9pm and costs $6.