This week’s episode is our latest monthly mix, featuring new music from six great Bay Area bands and our latest follow-up interview with a group we’ve previously featured on the podcast.

About this week’s music:

The show kicks off with a song from Birdmonster, off their new album From The Mountain To The Sea (“The Iditarod”; later, “Born To Be Your Man” and “I Might Have Guessed”). For our follow-up segment, airing in the second half of the episode, we sat down with the band to discuss how both their sound and sense of perspective have evolved in the two years since we first interviewed them, and the three since the release of their breakout album No Midnight. From The Mountain To The Sea will be released digitally next week, with a physical release in September.

Synth-rock trio French Miami (“The God Damn Best”) contributed a disturbingly catchy song from their debut Science Fiction EP, self-released earlier this year. The band has a number of upcoming shows in SF, including a performance at Kimo’s on August 1st, at the Hemlock Tavern on August 22nd, and at the Rock Make Street Festival on August 24th.

Sacramento-/San Francisco-based The Definite Articles (“Elixirs”) recently released their debut album, titled Boy Wonder. It’s a strong release from the six-piece band, whose rock is augmented by some great string arrangements. We recently published photos from the group’s CD release show here.

Apache‘s (“Boys Life”) full length debut, Boomtown Gems, draws from a variety of 70s punk and glam sounds, and it’s the latest release from the always-quality Birdman Records. The group includes members of The Cuts, Parchman Farm, and Ghenghis Khan, and they’ll be heading to the New York next week for an extensive East Coast tour.

Featuring members of The Court & Spark and The Bellyachers among others, the veteran musicians of Parker Brothers (“Leave Me Alone”) deliver an inspired retro-rock sound on their debut First, Best, Last. You can download their song “Your Hometown” here and purchase the album on iTunes.

As we noted previously, Andy Tisdall (“Secret”) just released his new album Cotton Cannibals, another fine collection of experimental folk pop. Tisdall’s group Little Teeth releases their debut album next month on Absolutely Kosher Records.

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