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This week’s podcast features Minipop, a San Francisco quartet who describe their music as akin to “marshmallows on morphine and Care-Bears on Xanax”–an appropriate, if exaggerated, way to describe the group’s warm, enveloping dream-pop. Founded in 2004, the band has steadily built a strong following through lauded live performances and a well-received EP, before marking a new milestone late last year with their first full length record, A New Hope. Released on local label Take Root Records, the album is a rich recording that deftly and simultaneously balances catchy melodies and beautiful atmospherics.

In a scene populated with bands influenced by the shoegaze sound, Minipop succeeds with an arsenal of not-so-secret weapons, led by singer Tricia Kanne, whose sweet voice mesmerizes as it weaves through the surrounding dense layers of keyboard and guitar. Finding the right balance of layers can itself be a precarious process, but on A New Hope, the band, with the help of producer Chris Manning, skillfully charts a path toward euphoria, not claustrophobia. Following a nationwide tour in May, the band’s now back home, recuperating and plotting its next steps.

We sat down with Minipop’s Lauren Grubb (Drums) and Matthew Swanson (Guitars/Keyboards) last week to discuss the efforts that led up to their debut album as well as what the band’s planning for its future. The episode also features four songs from A New Hope.

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– Hear more at Minipop’s MySpace page and web site

– Purchase A New Hope, out now on Take Root Records, via iTunes and Amazon

– Check out the video for “Like I Do” on YouTube

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