Raised by Robots - Photo by Justin Ouellette

Two Bay Area bands will embark on a two-week tour together this Thursday. Raised by Robots and The Papersons will play Cafe du Nord to kick off the “On Tour” Tour, sponsored by Imeem and Red Stripe. The band will be joined by Low Red Land and Parker Street Cinema for this show.

The tour, which was clearly – and admittedly – named while drinking beer, is partly a promotion for the Bay Area Rock n Roll (BARR) collective, which was formed to promote and facilitate the success of a handful of Bay Area bands. A BARR compilation will be given away at all of the shows.

Raised by Robots, who play an indie hybrid with tinges of hip-hop, honky-tonk and other styles, will be promoting their debut EP The Auctioneer. They will return to the studio this fall to record their next project.

The Papersons are currently in the studio, but are taking a break for this tour, and will be playing new material combined with songs from their debut release Fine Line. The bands will first head south to LA and San Diego, back up to Sacramento and on to Oregon and Washington.

This Thursday’s show will begin at 8:30 and costs $10.