Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival

The 12th Annual Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival kicks off this Wednesday at various venues throughout San Francisco. This year brings us a slightly shorter festival that is jam-packed with great local music and art.

Some of the local bands that will be our highlights of the festival include The Fucking Ocean, Extra Action Marching Band, Mountainhood, French Miami, Harbours, The Blank Tapes, The Ian Fays, Tussle, Eyes and so many more. There are unfortunately too many conflicting shows to see them all, but check out the calendar for when and where.

This year’s festival features Collision, a showcase of some of the Bay Area’s sound artists, experimental musicians and collaborating artists. These performances stretch the limits and present new and exciting art forms to challenge your standards. All of these events will take place at New Langton Arts on Folsom.

This year also brings Latin Mod, a group of Latin Rock bands that will be featured at the festival, from our very own The May Fire to LA’s Chana and Monte Negro.

You can read about all of the featured artists on the MCMF website here. And to plan your weekend, check out the schedule here.