Diamond Days Festival

In another lucky break for Bay Area concert-goers this summer, Heeb magazine is bringing its annual summer festival to Oakland, straight from Brooklyn.

The Festival, brought to you by the nation’s funniest and most hip mag aimed at young Jews, is also sponsored by our own KALX. The festival brings some of the Bay Areas great local talent together with bands from LA, Seattle, New York, and even London.

The festival runs this Thursday through Sunday, July 17-20 at Mama Buzz Cafe and Ghost Town Gallery. Check out Heeb’s website for more info. Here’s the schedule:

Thursday, 7pm at Mama Buzz:
Mist and Mast

Ben Becker
Emily Jane White

Thursday, 7pm at Ghost Town Gallery:
Whalebones (Seattle)
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound
Sleepy Sun

Jeff Halen (LA)
Cult of Youth (Brooklyn)
Ellen Mary McGee (London)
Young Animals (LA)
The Broads

Friday, 7pm at Ghost Town Gallery:
Thee Makeout Party (LA)
The Moon Upstairs (LA)
Tiny Vipers (Seattle)
Princeton (Eagle Rock)
Fences (Seattle)
Greg Ashley
No Bunny
Audacity (LA)
Damon and the Heathens
Plus: a pork cook-off with Chow.com

Saturday, 5pm at Ghost Town Gallery:
Ancestors (LA)
Tweak Bird (LA)
Aleks and the Drummer (Chicago)
Ojos Rojos (Claremont)
The Fucking Wrath (Ventura)
What Cheer? Brigade (Rhode Island)
Im a Gun (Seattle)
Loving Thunder (Seattle)
Glitter Wizard
Lotto Ball Show (Chicago)

Sunday, 6pm at Mama Buzz Cafe:
The Chapin Sisters (LA)
Ruthann Friedman (LA)
Night Canopy (Seattle/LA)
Garrett Pierce