Better Than Aliens

Indie/electro trio Better Than Aliens will celebrate the release of their debut EP this Saturday at Cafe Du Nord.

After playing quite a few shows in the Bay Area and building a following, the band decided it was about time to put out an EP, which was recorded in vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Marty Mattern’s bedroom. All of the tracks, including bass played by Daniel Leech and drums played by Justin Pittman, were recorded in one take.

“We recorded the all the drums in two days back in late February,” Mattern wrote in an email. “The bass was done in 4 hours; but the mixing and the artwork has taken the most work to complete.”

The sound is melodic and fairly sparse because the band doesn’t try to layer their three instruments into heavy arrangements, but keeps them simple. This is particularly evident during the live show and feels refreshingly easy to stomach. But drama and emphasis are in no short supply as Mattern interjects wide vibrato and falsetto into his vocal lines in a few key areas.

While their live show almost equally includes guitar-based songs vs. keyboard-based electro songs, the 5-song EP only includes one song with keyboard. But fans can get their fill of those synth gems by downloading two of them from their MySpace page, including this one:

Better Than Aliens – “Wonder”

The show will also feature Sky Parade of LA, LSD and the Search for God and Eyes (with members of The Finches and Roots of Orchis). The show starts at 9:30pm and costs $10. Better Than Aliens will play the closing set.