Bicycle Music Festival

Whether you sport a fixed gear with a playing card in the spokes (ahem) or an old junker cruiser, give her a tune-up before this Saturday, and head over to the all-day Bicycle Music Festival.

This amazing event is not only a great workout for participants, but is probably the most environmentally-friendly festival in the city. All bands carry (or have valiant volunteers help carry) their gear on their bikes, moving Critical Mass-style from each outdoor venue to the next. And even cooler, the PA system is bike-powered! Conceived by The Juice Peddler and Rock the Bike, the system made an appearance at this year’s Maker Faire. The route begins at Alemany Farmer’s Market, then on to Alemany Farm, Precita Park, and finally to Dolores Park.

And being outdoors, saving the planet and building your sexy calf muscles is just the beginning. The festival is filled with fantastic local music and performances. Artists include Cello Joe, the Sonya Cotton Band, StitchCraft, Ginger Ninjas, Shake Your Peace, Brass Liberation Orchestra, LaMalaMana, and Mostro. You’ll also see some random treats like freecyclist Pete Brandt and bike rapper Fossil Fool.

So get on your BMX and head to BMF this Saturday. The festivities start at 10am, and the whole event is free. Check out the website for a full schedule and more details.