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This week’s podcast features San Francisco’s Last of the Blacksmiths, a trio mixing the sounds of folk, rock, Americana, country and blues into some moody, beautiful music. Someone once told me that the Blacksmiths have “perfected the indie rock slow-jam,” and while that oversimplifies it, it does highlight the fact that the band has developed its own uniquely hypnotic sonic identity, maximizing the impact of space and dynamics in its brooding melodic tracks.

The Blacksmiths capture those dynamics well on their second album, Young Family Song, released last month on Vanguard Squad Records. Coming three years after their well-received self-titled debut, the guys opted out of self-recording this time around, instead working with producer Desmond Shea to capture the feel of their live performances. That live feeling gives the record an inviting looseness, allowing song layers to breathe without ever becoming jammy. It’s an exciting and unique album that you can lose yourself listening to in its entirety and should herald new successes for the skilled group.

In addition to an interview with the guys, conducted last week in our studio, the episode also includes four songs from their new album.

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MySpace page and web site

Vanguard Squad Records, where you can purchase Young Family Song and other LotB releases and stream songs from the band’s catalog

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