The Blank Tapes
Saw this message on the old Myspace today from Matt Adams of The Blank Tapes. As Adams noted in our recent interview, he’s been working on a covers album (along with a bunch of others) for a while now, and now it’s available:

so i recorded a cover album a year ago and just mixed and mastered it last month. it’s call “friends & favorites” and has 16 tracks.

most of the songs are by people you’ve never heard of, but a few you might know.

leonard cohen, little wings, the kinks, graves, matt mccluer, kathryn jensen, fpodbpod, out of work sailor, lee be, dirdy birdy, sleepy todd, garuda, ricky nelson, obo martin, jeff manson & my brother ryan. there ya go. it also features singing from alot of the friends i covered.

also- i recorded it right after i finished my last CD “daydreams”
lemme know if you want a copy