My First Earthquake

Local indie pop group My First Earthquake will celebrate the release of their new EP Tremors this Sunday at the Make-Out Room.

The new EP comes after many months of the band playing live shows, refining their sound and figuring out which songs to feature on their debut EP. Singer Rebecca Bortman explained, “Since we’re a pretty new band we’ve definitely taken a lot of queues from our fans and people who come to our shows.” In the end, they put together a collection of six songs that fit together well.

My First Earthquake – “Teleprompt” from Tremors

For this first project, the band went all over San Francisco taking advantage of any free studio space they could, the most accessible of which was keyboardist/bassist/vocalist Chad Thornton’s wood-paneled living room. From there, the band passed the album on to Patrick Elliot, who mixed the album, but not without lots of input from the band.

“Probably much to the chagrin of Patrick, we did a lot of nitpicking,” Bortman said. The album was mixed in one day (“It was an EP on the shoestrings,” she said).

Tremors, and the band in general, can be characterized by two things that are extremely important to the band – dancing and good design. For their live shows, they make it a point to make people feel like they can have a good time and certainly dance. Those who have seen MFE play live know that Bortman herself is anything but inhibited on stage as she sings of food and student-teacher relationships.

“I just want to make them as much of a party as we can,” Bortman said. “I feel like we’re hosting a party and we want to have a lot of fun. The show we played at the Make-Out Room in December was a day before my birthday and we had a cake and had birthday hats and the audience sang ‘happy birthday’. It’s so much more fun to go to a show where everyone’s entertained and happy.”

And in the spirit of keeping everyone happy, the band has put a lot of effort into their website. As you can probably tell from looking at it, the band is made up of three designers, which also plays a big role for the band’s EP, show fliers, etc.

“That’s why I got into a band – so I could have a design project,” Bortman joked. “I’m the art director.”

But the website is also one of the first local appearances of Google’s Open Social, where fans can sign up as a “fan” and post comments right on their website. On the website you can listen to all of the songs from the EP, and buying the EP will get you all kinds of remixes, extended versions and b-sides.

You can buy the new EP here. This Sunday the band will be joined by Matt Jones of Master/Slave and will be followed by a post-punk dance party with DJ Carlstone Rock. The show starts at 8pm and will cost you $7.