Actionslacks, the prolific Berkeley rock band that formed in 1994, will play their only show of 2008 this Sunday, May 25 at Cafe du Nord with Parker Brothers and Brad Brooks.

This show is a kick-off of sorts as the band returns to Tiny Telephone Studios, where they’ve recorded before, for their first recording project since their 2004 album Full Upright Position. The show is sure to include lots of new songs, and a few familiar ones.

To give you an idea of the scale of this band, here’s a brief description from their website: “The band has released 5 albums on 4 different national labels, had 12 different members, logged over 50,000 miles, played hundreds of shows, contributed music to numerous film and television projects, and generally endured all manner of threats and pitfalls that haunt any band who dares to shoulder the Mantle of Rock.” The current formation of the band is Marty Kelly, Chuck Lindo, Ross Murray and Tim Scanlin.

Check out the music page of their website for samples of all of their albums. The songs are reminiscent of some of your favorite 90s Seattle rock, with heavy guitars and casual vocals. But the difference is in Scanlin’s personal and revealing lyrics. We’ll see what 2008 will bring from these seasoned musicians. The show starts at 9pm and costs $8.