The Finches

Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs and Aaron Morgan, formerly known as The Finches, will play this Thursday, May 22 at Hemlock Tavern with their new bands. Riggs is now a Los Angeles resident, and brings north her new project PALMS. Morgan and a bandmate from Roots of Orchis will make up part of his new project Eyes. Had one not known that Morgan and Riggs were in another band together previously, this pairing would certainly seem like an oddball bill.

PALMS continues Riggs’ songwriting style of The Finches with simple and sparse guitar parts, but this time with an electric guitar. Her vocals have matured a bit since the Finches, and she experiments with more complex melodies, new sounds and a bit more dissonance than previous songs. Visit PALMS’ MySpace page for some examples. Riggs was recently interviewed by Amoeba, where she talked about her new band, her life in LA and her relationship with art.

On the other side of the spectrum, Eyes brings to the stage heavy drums, driving guitar and the addition of some saxophone. Guitar effects and psych-esque sounds pervade the music. And while their two sample songs on MySpace show no signs of vocals, it appears Scott Pinkmountain will take that roll, perhaps for a few songs during the show.

Judging from the strikingly different styles of the bands, Riggs and Morgan seem to just really like playing together, even as separate entities. It’s sure to be a night of reminiscing sprinkled with examples of the power of Bay Area camaraderie.

These new bands will be joined by The Sarees Thursday. The show starts at 9:30 and is $6.