It may be the weirdest thing you’ve heard recently, but it could also be the coolest, depending on your disposition. The Bay Area’s dance- parody- hiphop- everything-band Wallpaper will celebrate the release of their new EP T Rex this Thursday, May 8 at the Rickshaw Stop.

There’s a great profile of the band in SF Weekly, with quotes from Eric Frederic like, “I’m a different person than the dude who sings on the project.” The music is dizzying – you immediately hear a bit of 80s/early 90s synths and cheesy Cher-invoking vocal effects, but upon second listen you hear hints of sarcasm and perhaps even social commentary. Not to mention if you heard the songs in a club where no one cares about the lyrics anyway, people would be bouncing off the walls – the songs are viscerally fun.

With chorus lyrics such as, “Every time we do it, I want to do it again,” it’s hard not to laugh. Whether or not that’s the intended reaction is questionable, but most of the time it’s simply unavoidable…but so is the bum-shaking. The show starts at 8pm with openers Sugar & Gold and Hottub, and costs $10. Come ready to dance.