This Thursday The Bay Bridged will be headed on over to Japan Town for the second SanFran MusicTech Summit. This event, put together by Brian and Shoshana Zisk, will focus on the convergence of music, business and technology and will be held at the Hotel Kabuki from 9 – 6pm.

The SanFran MusicTech Summit will bring together digital thought leaders from the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as from all around the country to the region which currently leads the way in innovating (both socially, and technologically) new ways of interacting with both music, and musicians. We will be working long term to help enable a sustainable, ongoing, Northern California based music and related technology market.

The variety of panels will have people speaking from: iMeem, RumbleFish, Future of Music Coalition, Pandora, SomaFM, IODA, Google, YouTube, Apple, Gracenote, CD Baby, and more. For the lawyers out there, you can earn 2 CLE credits for this event, including one for a panel on “Legal Issues in Searching, Linking, and Blogging” — which is pretty relevant over here.

We are very excited to meet with all of the great people attending and see how we can take The Bay Bridged and our goal of merging music and technology to promote Bay Area music to the next level. On their website there is a substantial archive from the inaugural conference with videos from a good portion of the panels.

Registration is still available for the conference and can be purchased here. There is also a discount for students and developers who wish to attend.