Club Wiki
A fantastic new site called was launched on Friday. It’s a venue information and booking site in wiki format. For the founder, Ethan, it’s a stepping-stone for more online musician resources down the road. You can read updates and more info about the site’s conception on the ClubWiki Blog, but here’s the general idea:

You start by searching for venues either by location or name. It even pre-populates the field as you start typing the name of a venue (these little details make me happy). Each venue entry provides basic info like location and phone number, as well as details that are very useful to bands trying to book shows, like capacity, a booking email address, house gear, parking, etc. On each page, you can also search for more venues within that musical genre and within a certain distance.

As any wiki, the info is only as good (and as up-to-date) as its members, so there is still some filling-in to do, but it’s already a fantastic reference for bands. So head over and check it out and encourage your friends to do so as well. With the help of well-traveled bands using it as both a resource and an ongoing, ever-expanding tour diary of sorts, this could be a gold mine.