[audio:http://www.birdmanrecords.com/grisgris/audio/Gris_Gris_-_06_-_Year_Zero.mp3] Gris Gris – “Year Zero” from For the Season

Oakland band The Gris Gris will play their second-to-last show this Saturday, April 26th at the Ghost Town Gallery. After about six months of being essentially broken up (with one show we reviewed here), the Birdman Records band will record their final two shows (the last of which will be during the summer at 12 Galaxies) and release the live tracks as a last hurrah.

The band has been praised since their beginnings for the raw and experimental blend of psych rock and folk. The band is made up of multi-instrumentalists, and the shows can range from pared-down acoustic tunes to noisy rock.

Greg Ashley (Feature Podcast), the songwriter and leading member of The Gris Gris, told me in a brief phone conversation that he is focusing his energy on recording and producing for bands, and that after the release of his solo album, Painted Garden, he stopped writing songs almost completely. He said that The Gris Gris just sort of “petered out,” due to both general fatigue and a writer’s block of sorts.

But keep your eyes on Ashley’s MySpace page, as shows occasionally pop up, including two more that are currently scheduled for May and July. Other than that, Gris Gris fans should look out for a live album, and be sure to catch one of their last two shows. Farewell, Gris Gris.