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This week, we’re pleased to feature 20 Minute Loop, a San Francisco quintet that likely need no introduction to fans of Bay Area indie pop music. The group was founded in 1997 by Greg Giles (vocals/guitar), who was soon joined by Kelly Atkins (vocals/keyboards). Over the course of their three albums, the interplay between Giles and Atkins, as charismatic singers and clever lyricists, has become one of the band’s signature elements, as has the group’s skill at writing complex yet melodic art-pop.

These are the elements that drew us and many others to 2005’s Yawn + House = Explosion and we’ve been eagerly anticipating the band’s long-announced follow up. The good news is that the fourth record is almost here and, from what we’ve heard, it’s a very worthy successor to Y+H=E. The strong melodies and engaging lyrics are present as expected, while the band has now endeavored to streamline some of its more complex tendencies. The result is some great pure pop music.

Last week, we spoke with Atkins, longtime guitarist Nils Erickson and Adam Cunha (bass), discussing the band’s lengthy history, the gradual evolution in their sound, and, of course, the new record. In addition to the interview, we’re excited to include four new unreleased songs from 20 Minute Loop’s upcoming album.

The band doesn’t have any shows for a little while, but has a couple at the end of May:

Friday, May 30th
G Street Pub, Davis
with Yes, Oh Yes
10pm, $tba

Saturday, May 31st
Hemlock Tavern
with Tartufi and Yes, Oh Yes
9:30pm, $7

Hear more 20ML at their web site and MySpace page. You can purchase their CDs at Amazon and on iTunes.

Thanks for listening!

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