Port O’Brien
When the global music climate is one of mp3s and illegal downloading, it often feels like a music fan’s thirst is seldom whetted. Whether it’s due to the limited output of the bands or just to the fans’ insatiable desire for constant fresh material, it’s particularly hard for low-budget local bands to keep up with the modern fan who easily consumes hundreds of songs a week. That’s where exclusive and live tracks become gold, and the rare website Daytrotter.com manages to make indie fans of all walks salivate with just a glace of their archives.

Since the year began, the website has already featured seven Bay Area bands, providing valuable new material for the ipods of us who yearn for new material faster than some bands can produce. The sessions are often raw and somewhat experimental (as in Port O’Brien‘s session with pots and pans) and some are so personal that a fan would treasure the download forever (as in the most recent local session with Beatbeat Whisper).

Operating out of a studio in Rock Island, Ill., most bands stop by for a short session, while others are lucky enough to catch the Daytrotter crew locally when they are passing through. But either way, the sessions offer a live and intimate view of some of our favorite local and non-local bands. Check out some of the other local Daytrotter sessions since the start of the year: Rogue Wave, John Vanderslice, Port O’Brien (different session than previously mentioned), The Dodos, Snowblink and Kelley Stoltz.