The Blacks

After the fantastic reception The Blacks (Feature Podcast) got at the recent Bay Area Takeover at South by Southwest, we’re glad they’re back in SF to play a couple of shows in the next couple of months, even if they’re broken up by a group of shows in New York.

The Blacks, which sound like a love-child of Karen O and the Jesus and Mary Chain, really know how to rock a stage. The band is fronted by Luisa Black, who lets the mic know who’s boss, as JDK Blacker works a tambourine and provides the visual entertainment. The band’s drummer, Gavin Black, lives in New York, but the threesome have found it worth the constant flights between coasts to keep the band together.

Here’s a clip from their debut album, which was released in July of last year:

[audio:] The Blacks – “Raincoat” from Nom du Guerre

This Sunday, Club Donuts! presents an all-ages show at Bottom of the Hill, and The Blacks will open for Enon (PA & NY). As usual, the night will be broken up into bands and dancing, and there will be donuts served. The Blacks will play at 9:30 and the show is $10.