Davyd and Ayla

Just as Beatbeat Whisper is gearing up for a CD release in mid-April, each of its members is also performing and recording on his or her own, while proving to all the rest of us that we’re extremely lazy.

This week, we get the treat of two shows packed with local talent, each featuring one of the brother-sister team – Ayla or Davyd Nereo. Their solo projects have evident differences and yet if you combined the two chemically, you would very easily concoct the sound they create together as Beatbeat Whisper.

On Tuesday Ayla sets the stage at El Rio for a great night of free music with Bird By Snow, Mountainhood and Wymond and His Spirit Children. Ayla’s music is along the same vein of Beatbeat Whisper, but with a lovely lilt that brings that feminine sensibility just slightly more to the forefront. With the pared down sound, her voice blossoms.

Thursday brings us Davyd’s project, That Blasted Hound, performing with Greg Ashley, Alas, alak, Alaska! and Toromiro at Amnesia for $7. This is his first show alone in quite a while, and he will be releasing his new project Tingling Arms and the Scars in the Fog. This show is also the CD release for Toromiro. That Blasted Hound has a more experimental sound, with the occasional drum beat and raw vocals that push the sound away from soothing folk and give it an almost grungy feel. It’s both familiar and new.

Catch the siblings solo this week, and then watch out for Beatbeat Whisper’s return as a duo on April 11 at Ghost Town Gallery with Or, The Whale and Mountain Bride.