[audio:] Triclops! – “March of the Half-Babies”

While they’ve retained the biting lyricism associated with the genre, musically it might surprise the unassuming listener to learn that San Francisco quartet Triclops! contains four local punk scene veterans. But Fleshies and Bottles and Skulls, whose members John Geek and Christian Beaulieu formed the new group in 2005, were unpredictable bands to begin with, so maybe it isn’t really a left turn that Out of Africa, Triclops!’s debut full length is punk subject matter caught in a swirl of frenzied and psych-rock. The CD reminds me of some of the other old GSL bands and nicely balances intense repetitive grooves with some surprising melodies. Check out a song above.

Out of Africa comes out next Tuesday on the venerable Alternative Tentacles label and Triclops! celebrates the release with a show this Friday at Annie’s Social Club, also featuring music from Lozen (from Tacoma) and Turks and comedy by locals Brent Weinbach and Alex Koll. The show starts at 9pm and is $7. After Friday’s show, they’ve got a number of dates up and down the West Coast and you can find them all at their MySpace page.