By the time you read this, Christian and I will be down at the 2008 South by Southwest music festival, checking out a wide variety of local and non-local bands in a barbecue- and booze-clouded haze. If you’re heading down or are in Austin, or if you’re just interested in checking which local groups are looking to become Next Big Things, there are a couple of good previews courtesy of the SF Weekly and WireTap Music.

As the countdown above should indicate, we’re excited to be one of the forces behind The Bay Area Takeover, which will be rocking Austin’s Beauty Bar on Thursday, March 13th from 12pm-6pm, featuring fifteen great Bay Area bands. We’ll also have free beer, food and coffee along with goodie bags and more.

If you can’t make it to the event, the whole thing will be streamed LIVE (and for FREE) courtesy of Justin.TV beginning at 12pm CDT/10am PDT. You can check that out by clicking on the image below:


We’ll continue to have regular posting throughout the rest of the week.