Photo by: Michael Lavine

We’re smack in the middle of the festival season as many Bay Area bands head to Austin for South by Southwest later this week. For those of you sticking around the Bay, though, there are plenty of solid shows, including two at the Rickshaw Stop this week.

Tonight it’s a night billed as South by SF, although it might more accurately be characterized as Oakland versus the UK. On the local side, the show is capped by Persephone’s Bees. The glammy pop-rock group hasn’t put out anything since their Columbia-released debut Notes From The Underworld, but has made rumblings about performing some new songs live. Hot Tub opens with their funky electro rap. Representing the UK at the show are The Duke Spirit and The Ting Tings. 8pm, $15.

And on Thursday, there’s an all local bill of folk and indie rock, featuring Snowblink, Geographer, and Dame Satan. You may have known Geographer by either of their two previous names, Parasol or The Rooftop Vigil. The band’s lush melodies and cello and keyboard layers been catching ears around the Bay. Check out a couple songs below:

[audio:{DBFEADD1-4390-4D11-B56F-4809AEDC6EF4}] Geographer – “Can’t You Wait”

[audio:{C7347117-C1AC-4C33-BFAC-17FF42F03460}] Geographer – “Rushing In, Rushing Out”

Meanwhile, Dame Satan is prepping for the release of their second album of haunted folk in April. Until then, here are a couple from their debut Ghost Mansion:

[audio:] Dame Satan – “Big Weed”

[audio:] Dame Satan – “Golden Gate”

8pm, $8.