Known for his drunken slurs and stumbling on stage, Tim Kasher, lead singer of Saddle Creek’s Cursive, gave a soberly stunning performance at the Great American Music Hall last Friday.

The indie rock and roll band opened with a brand new song and played a mixture of new tunes throughout the set. They also included hits off popular Cursive records such as Domestica, The Ugly Organ, and Happy Hollow. All five gentlemen were very energetic on stage, especially Tim who kept waving his left arm over his head like he was doing the wave at a sports game.

Singing about religious skepticism, break-ups, divorce, and writer’s block, Cursive’s set showed the growth of the band over the past decade and gave a sneak peak of the new album they are currently recording in Los Angeles.

Musically, the band was without their cellist or any type of horn section at this Noise Pop performance. To make up for this missing component of their sound, a sax player guest starred and gave “Dorothy at Forty” and other Happy Hollow tunes the brass edge they needed. Toward the end of the set, Kasher told the audience that he was always a little nervous to play San Francisco but that now he felt like he was great friends with everyone at the Great American and was going to put them “on speed dial.”

Due to sound complaint regulations, the set came to an end after just nine songs, leaving room for a three-song encore ending with the grandiose and melodic hit “Sierra.” A majority of the audience members joined in and sang full lines throughout the chorus: “Sierra, my little girl we would have been so … oh, never mind, but I’m ready to settle down now, yeah I’m ready to leave that wrecking ball behind,” while some ambitious kids in the front row even started crowd surfing.

All in all, the energy of the band and the enthusiastic audience made the night very fun. I hope Cursive comes back soon and that Kasher keeps up his newfound friendship with San Francisco.