This week, we feature the “acid gospel” of Campo Bravo, a San Francisco band whose mix of psychedelic sounds and traditional folk and Americana music results in songs that twist, turn and delight, all with a reverence for classic folk-rock. We’d offer a description of the band’s origins, but the story of Campo Bravo is one we found intensely told by singer-songwriter Mark Matos in our interview. It’s sufficient to say here that despite achieving success in the Tuscon music scene, this Bay Area native returned home in search of and finding musical inspiration in the area’s rich history of psychedelic culture.

The drugs certainly played their part in Matos’ (and thus, Campo Bravo’s) artistic development over the years, but our conversation confirms that what he’s really obsessed with is the psych era’s music. Whether it’s offering a thoughtful take on the legacy of the Grateful Dead or excitedly telling us about his favorite contemporary bands, Mark’s passionate about music and he draws strength from surrounding himself with skilled, creative players. The assembly of a new Campo Bravo band in San Francisco now brings the group to an exciting turning point, with a new album titled Dinner Lights and Eagle Rock Dreamer finished and ready for release.

We’ve included four songs from the new album in this week’s episode along with the terrific conversation. Campo Bravo’s at Cafe du Nord next week for an all local show, so check them out if you can:

Monday, March 10th
Cafe du Nord
with Buxter Hoot’n and The Blank Tapes
8pm, $10 (Purchase advance tickets here!)

Check out more, including all of the band’s upcoming dates, at their MySpace page. They’re planning to release Denver Lights and Eagle Rock Dreamer domestically and internationally in the coming months, and we’ll update you with more info on the album’s release when it arrives. Until then, you can pick up previous Campo Bravo releases at KEEP Recordings.

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