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For being one of the city’s large premier venues, the Great American Music Hall has, quite admirably, hosted a number of all-local and local-dominated shows in recent months. That trend continues this Thursday night when Bay Bridged favorites The Ian Fays bring their moody, melodic indie pop sound to the historic venue.

As we learned when we interviewed them, the group’s sound has evolved significantly since they released their debut full length The Damon Lessons, moving into a more organic, less new wave place in recent recordings. On that note, the group is currently putting the finishing touches on their next full length album, which they’ll be releasing in April.

Until then, check out some of the band’s music videos from The Damon Lessons:

“All the Phones Are Broken”

“Empty Alcohol Bottle”

“16 Weeks”

The Fays are joined tomorrow night by fellow locals Maldroid (celebrating the release of a new EP) and The Rooftop Vigil. The show starts at 8pm and is $12.

(Editor’s note: in full, perhaps obvious, disclosure, Lizz and Bradley Fay are both contributors to this site. That has not influenced our opinion that this band is awesome.)