The Story

It seems we’re all looking for something new and different when it comes to music – whether it’s that perfect blend of two completely polar genres or a groove in 7/8 time that we can actually swing our hips to. But for the last few months, a group of passionate locals has put together a collection of shows that does something new and different with the modern concert format: It allows the shows to write a Story.

The Story is a “freak folk happening” that takes place at the Stork Club in Oakland once a month. Organized by Michael Hilde of Mountainhood, the series features “the best and brightest in new era folk and psychadelia.”

With each show that takes place, The Story progresses. The Story is told with the words and music of the artists that play that night.

This month is Chapter V: Love Wins. Tomorrow, with the Stork Club as the room of their own, Colossal Yes, Benjamin Oak Goodman, Alina Hardin, Mountainhood (formerly Almaden), Misty Mountain, Joseph Childress, Telepathik Friend and DJs Sorcery Bird and Black Lodge will create a literary work with music. 8 pm. $5.