Friday brings us competing CD releases on opposite sides of the Bay. The Bruises will celebrate the release of their new CD Connected at the Red Devil Lounge in SF, and The Federalists will party at Blake’s in Berkeley for the release of their new self-titled disc.

The Bruises, appropriately named for the Black and Blue frontwomen (Jenni Black and Aja Blue), play music that “

[balances] the tightrope between indie and mainstream rock.” The resulting sound mixes feminine vocals with a harder guitar-indie edge reminiscent of classic Veruca Salt. The album is out now and can be ordered via their MySpace page. 8pm, $10.

The Federalists use good old-fashioned indie as a base, add effected guitar and elements of country, and spice it up even more with multi-part melodies and harmonies. Songs like “City Girl” and “Tree Song” have a laid back, mainstream feel, while songs like “Impossible” push the boundaries by pulling rhythms and instrumentation from old doo-wop tunes. These three songs can be heard on the band’s MySpace page, and the album will be out on Tuesday. 9pm, $10, all ages.