While we’re discussing Tricycle Records, it’s worth noting our partnership with that label and Three Ring Records to form the Bay Area Takeover, a collaborative project to bring a taste of the Bay Area’s fantastic indie rock scene to the 2008 South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas.

As long-time travelers to SXSW, we’re excited to co-host this event, which takes place Thursday, March 13th, from 12-6pm at The Beauty Bar, located at 617 E 7th Street in Austin. The show features an unbelievable lineup, with additional bands still to be announced. At the party will be the following:

Two Gallants
Film School
Scissors for Lefty
Von Iva
60 Watt Kid
The Blacks
Social Studies
Birds and Batteries
The Union Trade
Music For Animals
Form and Fate
D.W. Holiday
Aim Low Kid
DJ Omar (Popscene)

You can RSVP for the show, hear music from all of the bands, and check out more info here, and you can also keep abreast of the Takeover at our MySpace page. If you’re are a local business interested in sponsoring the event, drop us a line here. We’re eager to have local food, beverages, fashion and more at what is sure to be a great event!