Ellul at Bottom of the Hill, with Hot Challenge and Dominique Leone. 9pm, $8, 18+.

[audio:] Ellul – “Esophagus” (from Ellul)


The Hot Toddies at The Uptown, with Maldroid and Royalty. 9pm, $8.

Click here to listen! Click to listen to our feature episode on The Hot Toddies!

Carta and The Drift at Cafe du Nord, with Savage Republic. 9:30pm, $15.

[audio:] The Drift – “Invisible Cities” (from Noumena)


Form and Fate and Here Here at El Rio, with Disastroid and Better Than Aliens. 9pm, $7.

[audio:] Form and Fate – “Norwegian Black Metal Sword Fight to the Death” (from The Form and Fate of Lakes)

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