This week’s featured band is 60 Watt Kid, a San Francisco trio whose self-titled full length debut, recently released on Absolutely Kosher Records, alternately calls to mind sounds ranging from psychedelic pop to early rock and roll to synth-touched folk. In an age where experimental pastiche and damaged art-pop are increasingly familiar, this band has a unique ability to blend and balance their different elements, likely due in equal parts to their conscious refusal to develop a singular sound as well as the three members’ seasoned musicianship.

While the band’s origins are clouded in a certain mystery, it’s clear that a great deal of chemistry has developed between vocalist/guitarist/synth player Kevin Litrow (ex-Dance Disaster Movement), guitarist/synth player Derek Thomas, and percussionist Garrett Pierce (a well-respected singer-songwriter in his own right). The group’s liberated attitude extends to their lyrics as well, as songs alternately confront the realities of living in the city, like needing a job or getting a car, and the desire to escape that chaos and travel down a forgotten country road or return home.

All of these different musical and lyrical impulses can make for a challenging listen, but there’s a bounty of great ideas within the band’s frequently complex and multilayered approach. We sat down with Kevin at The Bay Bridged Studio, and learned about the group’s unique approach to songwriting and interesting musical philosophy. We’ve also got four songs from 60 Watt Kid in the episode.

The band’s next show is at the Absolutely Kosher/Kork Agency Holiday Party:

Friday, December 13th
Hemlock Tavern
with Neil Hamburger and Chris Garneau
9:30pm, $12

Check out more 60 Watt Kid at the band’s web site and MySpace page. You can pick up the self-titled album from Absolutely Kosher Records and on iTunes.

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