As a thank you to our readers this holiday season, we asked some off our favorite local record labels to create special mp3 samplers to showcase their rosters. Every Wednesday this month, we will be posting a different sampler from a great local label. They’re all free, but you will only be able to download them for a limited time, so get to it!

This week, we kick off our free local label sampler series with Three Ring Records. If you’re a longtime reader of our site, you should be familiar with some of the bands included in this sampler, as we have previously featured Scrabbel, Elephone, Rykarda Parasol, Music for Animals and The Ebb and Flow, but Three Ring’s strong eclectic roster is well worth exploring in depth.

As the Bay Guardian stated when they named Three Ring the Best Local Label:

“An impeccable design theme (circus nostalgia – how can you lose?), a community-oriented approach to music production and marketing, and some rockin’ and folkin’ good tunes from the likes of Rykarda Parasol and Boyskout make Three Ring Records our tune-savvy readers’ favorite this year.”

Click here or on the banner above to download
the Three Ring Records mix tape!

Find out more about Three Ring Records and all of their artists at their web site and MySpace page.