This week, we bring you the music of Audio Out Send, an Oakland quartet who have developed a textured sound mixing strong rock influences with synthy, sometimes psychedelic flourishes. The band’s unique blend of elements, evidenced on their 2003 full length …Or Does It Explode? and 2005’s A Broad Connection EP, has won them widespread critical acclaim and fans around Northern California. They now return with a brand new album titled Sharpen the Hours, a limited edition release which both builds upon and represents a significant departure from their past works.

To hear singer-guitarist Ben Jennings and drummer Max Diez discuss the group’s beginnings as college friends in Sacramento, it is clear that they have, like most bands, evolved considerably during their decade-plus together. But more than that, the new CD finds the band consciously upping their melodic indie rock side over their dronier one. To that end, Sharpen the Hours features a few older Audio Out Send songs that have been reworked and reinterpreted to an extent that might surprise long-time listeners.

Still, the new approach seems more like a realignment than a full-on reinvention, as there are still layers that give even the rockingest songs an additional density and scope. We sat down with Ben and Max at The Bay Bridged Studio to discuss the new album and the band’s beginnings. We’ve also included four songs from Sharpen the Hours in the episode.

The guys are celebrating the new CD’s release with a show at Bottom of the Hill, presented by BAGeL Radio:

Thursday, December 13th
Bottom of the Hill
with Ex-Boyfriends (CD release), 20 Minute Loop and DJ Ted
8pm, $8 (Purchase advance tickets here)

For more information about Audio Out Send and to hear more music from Sharpen the Hours, visit the band’s MySpace page. For older information, you can check out their web site as well. You should also check out the band’s music video for “The Break In,” from Sharpen the Hours.

The new album is currently being released in a numbered limited edition featuring individualized artwork in every copy. You can currently only pick it up from the band at their shows, so you now have yet another reason to see them live.

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