You probably notice our wonderful new banner at the top of the site. It’s the work of Kija Lucas, a San Francisco-based photographer who has a keen eye for a variety of subjects, ranging from social commentary to capturing faces and landscapes.

Kija explains her style as:

My work is an examination of self and environment. I am interested in people and the way we interact with our surroundings. Whether I am constructing an image to illustrate a social issue, photographing my neighborhood or a foreign land, I use the camera to quilt together seemingly disparate concepts, allowing the viewer to marinate with the ideas and come to their own conclusions. My attempt as the sewer is perhaps to prick the finger, but not necessarily draw blood.

We’d like to thank Kija for her amazing contribution, and you can head to her web site to see more of her great work. She’s also available for weddings, CD covers and more.

If you are or know a Bay Area-based artist who would like to become a future Bay Bridged Artist-in-Residence, reach out to us by e-mail here.