In The Owl Mag‘s “Video Makes the Radio Star” contest, Bay Area music fans visited YouTube and voted for their favorites among a wide variety of videos submitted by local bands. Based on the votes, five bands have won a spot in The Owl’s celebratory concert this Saturday night at the Mezzanine: Maldroid, Magic Bullets, The May Fire, Music For Animals and The Ian Fays.

In addition to the bands, the good people from Pandora will be DJing throughout the night. To make it even more enticing, the show is FREE as long as you RSVP at SonicLiving. There’s also an ongoing contest to award one band a Gibson guitar that you can find here. That contest ends on Friday, so be sure to vote while you can.

Saturday’s show starts at 8pm. Beforehand, though, check out the five videos that won these bands their spots:

Maldroid – “Heck No! (I’ll Never Listen To Techno)”

Magic Bullets – “Yesterday’s Seen Better Days”

The May Fire – “Red Eye”

Music For Animals – “Atrophy”

The Ian Fays – “Empty Alcohol Bottle”