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One of our favorite local artists, Rykarada Parasol, is joined by her band The Tower Ravens this Friday night over at Cafe du Nord, headlining a great bill that also includes The Dilettantes and 20 Minute Loop. It’s been a while since we last caught up with Rykarda, so we spoke with her earlier this week about what she’s been up to lately, including a recent European tour:

Europe was terrific! I’m making plans to head back in April. Our Hearts First Meet will be released on Glitterhouse Records December 7th. I feel at home in Europe. There are more vampires there. And judging by contusions – they needed some new blood! Badly.

She’s also been working on a follow-up to the excellent Our Hearts First Meet. On the status of the new album:

The songs are written. Each song is like a room in a brothel. You have one filled with pain-filled pleasure, another knocked out on dope, a few reckless with discard, and another true in love despite the repulsion. The songs are vast like the darkness they imply and yet still ripe with rapture. (For $12.99 a CD the girls working the streets cannot compete with my tricks.)

Needless to say, we’re very excited to hear what she’s got cooked up. You can find more Rykarda Parasol at her web site and MySpace page. You can also check out exclusive video of her performing earlier this year here.

Friday’s show starts at 9:30pm and is $12.