If you’re a fan of outside-of-the-box rock music, there’s quite an eclectic show at Bottom of the Hill this Thursday night, as evidenced by the description provided on the flyer above. Three of the four groups, in fact, are instrumental, and each brings something quite unique to the bill.

San Francisco’s We Be The Echo and Form and Fate are both celebrating the release of new EPs at the show. For the former, the new All-Star Destroyers EP is the latest showcase for the band’s prog-metal skills and they’re about to embark on a Pacific Northwest tour to support the release.

In contrast, Form and Fate create a sound more influenced by post-rock and ambient compositional music. Their new EP follows a full length record titled The Form and Fate of Lakes, released earlier this year on Three Ring Records.

Headliners The Guitar Zeros are not an instrumental group, but their particular brand of indie rock has it’s own quirk. Instead of traditional electric and bass guitars, the band uses hacked controllers from the video game Guitar Hero. They’ve already been receiving press coverage about the idea and we’re pretty intrigued to see how it works live.

Opening the show are our old friends instrumental rock trio Parker Street Cinema, who we interviewed early last year. The band’s full length album Music, In the Blood is expected out later this year.

The show starts at 9pm, is $8, and is All Ages.