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If you’ve been watching TV lately, chances are good you’ve heard the new Apple iMac ad featuring a clip of “Exodus Honey” by Honeycut. You can download the full song from the Berkeley group here; it’s one of the swell pop tracks on their debut album The Day I Turned To Glass, which we recently discussed over at AjiSignal as well. The band’s currently getting back from a trip down south, and their next Bay Area show is an eclectic one this Friday at Bottom of the Hill, featuring San Francisco’s Tussle as well Iglu & Hartly from Hollywood.

As to the latest from Tussle, the disco/post-punk/funk/dub/pop quartet did a whole lot of touring this summer and is now putting out a bunch of new music. This month sees the release of a new EP titled Warning, featuring new remixes of tracks from their 2007 full length Telescope Mind, as well as a track on Tomlab‘s Worried Noodle compilation. Head to the band’s web site and MySpace page to find out more about these releases and hear some music. Tussle is currently prepping a brand new full length album for release in February 2008.

Friday night’s show starts at 10pm, is $10, and is all ages.