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We’ve really been enjoying Sleepy Seeds, the debut album from The Matinees since we recieved the CD a few months back. As the song in last month’s mix suggests, it’s a collection of catchy, eclectic pop with great vocals from this San Francisco duo. We’re excited to report that the band is playing this Wednesday night at the Hemlock Tavern, kicking off what should be a great night of local music.

Second on the bill is Pancho Sanza, featuring Patrick Abernethy (formerly of Beulah and currently of Rogue Wave). Joe had some kind words to say about the group’s folk-pop blend when he caught them a few weeks back.

Headlining is n. Lannon, also known as Nyles Lannon and also formerly a member of Film School. Lannon has a brand new album out called Pressure and, from the sounds on his web site and MySpace page, on Wednesday he’ll offer a sweet mix of folk, electronic and indie-rock elements that should compliment the other two acts very well.

Wednesday’s show starts at 9:30pm and is $6.