Silian Rail, this week’s featured band, have the kind of back story ideal for a band one-sheet. Childhood friends from North Carolina who lost touch and then regained contact after separately moving to San Francisco, there’s a natural chemistry between the two that comes off both in our interview and in their music. This duo, if perhaps even because of its limited instrumental palette, strives to make the most through catchy melodic numbers channeling a number of different rock influences and sounds, composing songs that carry a sizable weight or, perhaps put better, rock. A lot.

It helps, no doubt, that they draw inspiration and wisdom from Tartufi, one of our favorite local bands, and another duo who constructs songs through sound-shaping efforts born by a mixture of creativity and skill. According to Eric and Robin, that duo and the other fellow members of the Thread Productions collective have helped push the band forward as they approach a second full-length album.

It’s an album we’re really looking forward to. The band’s first, a self-titled release from earlier this year, captured them early in their development, and by their own admission, the duo’s songwriting has evolved significantly since that release. Better indicators of where they are right now are the demos and new songs we’ve included in this week’s episode. The best indicator, though, is to see this band captivate a live audience with their energy.

You can catch the band next at the 11th Annual MadCat Women’s International Film Festival, where they’ll be playing live alongside silent short films:

Wednesday, September 26th
El Rio
w/ Tartufi and Junk Is A Ship
6:30pm, $7-12

They’re also playing next month at The Knockout:

Monday, October 29th
The Knockout
w/ Birds & Batteries and The Aimless Never Miss
8pm, $tba

Head on over to the band’s MySpace page to hear more music and see their other upcoming dates. There you can also find out how to purchase a copy of the band’s self-titled debut.

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