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Recognized as one of the city’s strongest up-and-coming modern rock groups, LoveLikeFire avoids the genre’s usual conventions by keeping their hooks super-anthemic, with appropriately big production supporting singer-guitarist Ann Yu’s soaring vocals and the band’s thick melodic rock. We interviewed the band back in March, at which point they’d found success locally and in Southern California on the strength of 2006’s Bed of Gold EP. At that time the band was continuing to record new material, some of which found inclusion in the podcast episode.

The band’s newest material has found a permanent home on their new EP, An Ocean in the Air, which comes out tomorrow. The seven track release can be streamed in its entirety at LoveLikeFire’s web site and it’s full of catchy-as-hell numbers sure to keep the band winning new fans, including a couple of our favorites, like “From a Tower” and “Wish You Dead.”

Although their CD release party isn’t until October, you can catch the band this Friday night at Cafe du Nord:

Friday, August 31st
Cafe du Nord
w/ Bellavista, Rescue Me and DJs Omar and Fletcher (Popscene)
9:30pm, $10, 21+

The band is currently accepting pre-orders for the new CD over at their web site. You can hear more music on their MySpace page as well.