This Tuesday, San Francisco’s Numbers release their new album Now You Are This. The trio’s fourth full length, and second on label Kill Rock Stars, represents a further evolution in the sound of a band once known for its noisy art-punk. Building on 2005’s We’re Animals, there’s still some noise on the new record, but it’s channeled into a thicker, crunchier feel that is tempered by some great melodies and strong vocals.

But maybe it’s best to let the band describe it. As they write on their web site:

Ahhhhh but now, now you see Numbers have come together, “matured” if you will. Now, now you will hear a huge sound; an epic, unifying sound. For highway motoring, I believe you will not find a better aural backdrop. Desert flowers bloom when Numbers’ drums, guitar and moog symphonies bellow from the Blaupunkt.

You can hear some selections from the new record at Numbers’ MySpace page and can find MP3s from all of their past releases at their web site. Now You Are This is available from KRS here. While you’re there, check out the video for the song “Mind Hole.”

The band celebrates the new album’s release with a show this Saturday night:

Saturday, August 25th
Elbo Room
w/ Tussle and T.I.T.S.
10pm, $6