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Last August, we spoke with Mandrake, an Oakland foursome who create a unique sound out of elements of folk, progressive, and indie rock. It’s easy to be impressed by the band’s musical chops, as Jason Walker and Matt Herz, skilled players at the double bass and classical guitar, help drive the band’s more expansive, progressive elements. Thankfully, though, the guys don’t lose themselves in noodling: there’s a melodic drive to the songwriting and to Liam Carey’s vocals that keeps the band’s debut full-length Featherweight very enjoyable.

The CD, which the band was still working on when we spoke to them, is out now on E14 Records. On Wednesday night, they’re celebrating its release with a performance over at the Hemlock Tavern. The show has a bittersweet feeling, however, as the band has announced that this will be their final show, as multiple members plan to soon move away from the Bay Area.

Head over to Mandrake’s MySpace page to hear more, and you can find their web site here. You can pick up Featherweight at CDBaby and at local record stores.

Wednesday’s show starts at 9:30pm, is $6 and is 21+. The show features support from fellow E14-er Brent Weinbach, who is one of our favorite local comedians and will be performing as “The Music of Brent Weinbach.”