Campo Bravo

Some early week notes:

– The benefit for Roisin Isner, the Tinkture drummer who was severly injured by an exploding firework on the Fourth of July, is tonight at the Hemlock Tavern. Read our preview of the event here.

– Nate Baker dropped us a line recently recommending Tuesday night’s show at 12 Galaxies, featuring San Francisco’s Campo Bravo and Kally Price and Brooklyn’s Phosphorescent. In the Guardian’s weekly picks, he described the show as:

This is gonna be one of those sweet summer-night affairs to make your country cousin swoon in her bloomers. Lovers will gaze, loners will pause, and angels will waltz on the head of a pin….Matos, a.k.a. Campo Bravo, and Price share an affection for old-time hollers and back-porch gospel, not to mention revolving bands ladled from the talented pool of Mission regulars.

The show starts at 9pm and is $7.