Poster by: Amy Martin

It should be no secret that we are big fans of Deb Zeller’s Playing in Fog series of concerts, which gather the best local indie pop and rock bands for some really great bills. In the past, PiF has introduced us to some of our now-favorites, like Love is Chemicals, Peloton, Music for Animals, and others, so we’re psyched for this Thursday’s Playing in Fog show at the Make-Out Room, featuring two newer bands, The Complications and Mist and Mast, alongside Bay Area favorites Michael Zapruder’s Rain of Frogs.

We don’t have much information about The Complications, other than the songs on their MySpace page which showcase an intriguing blend of electronic and gothic Americana elements, and their statement that they sound like “the rza travels back in time to kidnap ian curtis and peter hook an drags them unannounced into one of rick rubins cabin johnny cash sessions for american records. everybody drinks bourbon. somebody dies.” Unlike most amusing band descriptions, this one doesn’t sound that far off the mark.

For Mr. Zapruder and the Frogs, the latest news is that the band’s new album–the follow-up to the wonderful New Ways of Letting Go–is finished and currently being mastered. We caught some new songs from the upcoming work at their Mission Creek Music Festival show, a video clip from which you can see here.

Show openers Mist and Mast make their live debut at Thursday’s show. The band is the new project of Jason Lakis from the now-defunct The Red Thread and the M and M MySpace page boasts some very catchy, jangly rock tracks you should get there early to check out.

The show starts at 9pm, is $7 and 21+.