While we’re on the subject of radio, another one of our favorite webcasting stations, Pirate Cat Radio, is having a benefit concert Friday night at the Elbo Room to support its unregulated broadcast activities. The show, hosted by Blag Dahlia of The Dwarves, features four bands: psych-rockers Turn Me On Dead Man, the new wave-influenced Sixteens, country-punks Ill Gotten Gainz and punk rockers P.A.W.N.S.

In addition to the music, the Pirate Cat folks are promising–and this is a direct unedited quote–“BURLESQUE DANCERS! Dancing little people! Lots of Free Porn (the kind that exploits men, not women)! Special Raffle Prizes, stolen from Clear Channel radio stations!” Sounds like it should be quite an evening.

The show starts at 9pm, is an $8 donation to support Pirate Cat, and is 21+.