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San Francisco’s The Ebb and Flow play a relatively rare live show this Saturday night at the Hemlock Tavern, alongside The Dont’s and The Tender Few. The band has completed the follow-up to 2005’s Time to Echolocate (Three Ring Records), a fantastic album which demonstrated the band’s ability to fuse elements of art-, prog- and indie-rock into songs winding through multiple twists and turns while staying totally hummable.

Last year’s Here Are Caught EP provided two excellent new songs alongside two remixes, but we’re still hungrily looking forward to their next full-length, titled Attack & Decay. Two songs from the new album were recently posted to the band’s MySpace page and show the band in fine form. You can also visit their official web site for more from The Ebb and Flow.

Saturday’s show starts at 9:30pm and is $7.

P.S. E&F’s Sam Tristin recently completed the self-titled debut for his side project We Is Shore Dedicated, which is a bit more country and folk-oriented than his main group but retains the strong sense of songwriting. Check out some free songs here.