I didn’t see the chocolate-covered strawberries, but it’s entirely possible that I just missed them amidst everything else last Friday night at 12 Galaxies, the CD release party for Sugar & Gold‘s Creme. The room was packed and hot and many sought refuge outside just to cool off between solid sets from openers Schande and Persephone’s Bees and the motivational antics of Get In Shape, Bitch.

In many ways, it was the ideal crowd for Sugar & Gold’s mix of electro, soul, pop, funk, and about a hundred other genres–sweaty, liquored-up, and ready to dance. While Creme is a sleek record, well-produced in a way that brings out its smoothness, the band’s live show brought the intensity to get this crowd moving. I’m not sure whether it was just a sweet mix from the 12Gs folks or whether the band was consciously upping volumes and tempos, but the sound was big and forceful, compelling a bunch of indie-rockers to start jumping around.

The band was obscured by excellent visuals by Cosmic Hex, but it was clear they were having a great time as well. We left exhausted and thoroughly satisfied with a bottle of Sugar and Gold hot sauce which is, by the way, delicious. Count the evening’s final score Sugar & Gold 1, Standing There With Your Arms Folded Too Cool For School 0.