San Francisco’s Club Six has become known over the past six years as an unlikely but quality DJ and dance music enthusiast’s oasis in the midst of one the city’s more desperate rows on Sixth Street. Now the club is facing a potential month-long suspension issued by the SF’s Entertainment Commission for violating a noise ordinance. Its owner, Angel Cruz, projects the hiatus would put the club out of business for good, despite Mr. Cruz’s twenty year lease on the property and his investment in over $200,000 in additional soundproofing to address prior warnings (according to a letter written by Cruz on the club’s web site addressing the pending suspension and upcoming hearing).

Neighboring residential tenants, especially those located above the club in a low income hotel, have been lodging complaints with the city for quite some time. The debacle has garnered a broad spectrum of views, most evident in the sparring of alternative mainstays the Bay Guardian and the online BeyondChron. BeyondChron’s Managing Editor, Paul Hogarth, contends the Guardian’s bias rests on advertising revenues from the club, while the weekly appears to sympathize with owner Cruz, who pleads in his letter, “We have owned and operated Club Six trouble free for all these years: there have been no ODs, no stabbings, no shootings, and no underage drinking.”

The public may attend and testify at the Entertainment Commission hearing June 5 at 4 p.m. in room 406 of San Francisco City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place.


In other club status news, we’ve previously covered the troubles facing the Mission’s Balazo Gallery. We’re pleased to report that the Gallery was awarded a permit in early May by the Entertainment Commission. According to its MySpace page, one of the city’s few seven-days-a-week all ages clubs hopes to resume activity later this month once it complies with the Commission’s “bureaucratic” regulations.